Standing in the sunlight, beating on my face
Black clouds were scattered all around the place
Feeling like a lone leaf flying on the breeze
New winds were blowing my hopes to me
And I'm caught between the cloud and my life
Feeling kind of scared but all right
I wonder if the touch of you might hold or let me fall
Late at night I get the feeling.
Could it be my soul you're stealing
Walking through a world of changes
Running into friends and strangers
I sometimes wonder why that black cloud stalks the sky
But it'S all right.
It's all right
There's no cloud at all
Here comes the lightning, here comes the rain
Here comes that black cloud to take me up again
And hope is like a hunger when you're alone in a crowd
Bad memories linger and love is like the edge of a cloud
Cos you've got lonely skies and a light outside you
A wall of mist and doubt inside you
No-one knows these skies like I do,
I've flown here before
Well I've been up and down.
trying to find that single cloud
And I wonder
yeah I wonder
there's no cloud at all.

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©Copyright 1998 The Blowflies
©Copyright Fly image by Beau Southey Design P/L