Judgement Day (Robertson)

Through the windows of today,
I see wasting and decay
I see rivers locked away, and I know it must be wrong
To me they look the same, and I hang my head in shame
And I wonder why I came, to a world that's nearly gone
The ashes in the sky, pouring darkness through my mind
But the world is nine tenths blind, seems it's just another day
The roads are all defined, and the fields have all been mined
And the lovers lie entwined, as the sunlight fades away
We just take, we want to make us rise up high above our station
In the night I see the lights of others glare in condemnation
All the signs are clear this time, still we see with coloured vision
We'll go down if we hang round, upon the brink of indecision
And I look into the night,
I can't believe my eyes
The reaper bides his time, a cold wind blows our way
Then the door is open wide, and he smiles at those he tries
And the guilty can't deny, all his judgments on this day
It seems we've reached the end, it's time to pay the rent
But the gold has all been spent
And we've nothing left to show
So look into my eyes.
And tell me as you die.
Bid you need to fly so high?
Was it really yours to blow?
Gazing down upon this town from somewhere near Apollo's landing
You can see how lost we'd be, and maybe reach some understanding
All around there is no sound, our home down there is lost and lonely
In this space, we've got no place
to run to
It's the one and Only


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©Copyright 1998 The Blowflies
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