Shoot the Laser (Deske/Robertson)

Well I've been walking on the wall I guess
And I've been talking to you more or less
I've been petrified, chewed up my heart inside
I've been flying high but soon let down
Rode the sunlit sky then hit the ground
I've been first and last, watched all my time go past
Shoot the laser up. Shoot the laser up.
Can I tell you what I'm feeling
I could nearly be a really cool believer but you're stealing all my confidence away
Does it matter if you see me, am I living, am I dreaming all the meaning that could free me is just shooting into space
Meeeow. Meeeow. Meeeow.
Shoot the Laser.
Well I've been kind just to be cruel I guess
And I've been burning up more fuel for less
When I hit overload, don't let my head explode
Shoot the laser up.
It's a fine line, baby it's a fine line.

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©Copyright 1998 The Blowflies
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