You can take my heart sway, but you won't stop it beating
You can deal me shit to play, but you can't stop me cheating
You can take my peace of mind, you can love em and leave em
You won't make me deaf and blind, you won't take my freedom
Take my spirit.. take my spirit... take my spirit... take my...
You can take my friends now, but you won't ever be them
And you can rent my visions Out, but you won't ever see them
You can take my life today, but you won't ever live it
And you can steal my soul away, but only I can give it
Take my spirit... (he don't wanna play with you)
Take my spirit... (he don't like your point of view)
Take my spirit... (he won't give his life away)
Take my spirit... (he don't wanna play)


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©Copyright 1998 The Blowflies
©Copyright Fly image by Beau Southey Design P/L