Time (Deske/Robertson)

Time.. to take a rest.
Time. you don't look your best.
Time.. it's always on your mind.
Tired. you need to sleep.
Tired. you're in too deep
Tired. but peace is hard to find
Don't you know that your time won't slow.
Let it go.
Hold it hard and the pain won't show.
Let it go.
When the day and your face get long.
Get it right.
And your whole body clock's set wrong.
Set it right.
And the morning is breaking but the sun won't refuse to shine.
And the city is waking and you know that you're losing time.
All alone in your headroom, doing well not to lose your mind.
Nailed down in your bedroom, trying hard to make that deadline.
Time... to break away.
Time... to steal the day.
Time... to leave the world behind
Time. Time. Time. Time is gone.
Time. Time is gone. Is gone.
life. life. life. life. Love. Love is gone.
Love. Love is gone.
Is gone.
Is Gone.
Is gone.
And the whole world waits in silence.
And you hear the scream of sirens.
And you think about love and distance.

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©Copyright 1998 The Blowflies
©Copyright Fly image by Beau Southey Design P/L